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Plearn مخفف عبارت Payamak Learn ، سیستم آموزش از طریق پیام کوتاه می باشد .

مواردی مانند فراگیری لغات انگلیسی تخصصی ، نیاز به آموزش تدریجی و مداوم دارند ، در سیستم
PLearn این موارد بصورت تدریجی (3 لغت در روز) و مداوم (روزانه) آموزش داده می شوند .



The carrier of the Group Plan, Employers Mutual Liability Insurance Company of Wisconsin, now has in its New York office a staff of three examiners and six field investigators who devote their entire time to handling malpractice claims in the metropolitan and suburban area (online). His method is as follows: Every hour the patient takes a teaspoonf ul of a solution of benzoate of manufacturer sodium, fifteen gi-ains to the ounce, and at the same time one-sixth of a grain of sulphide of calcium in syrup or granule.

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The Committee on Medical Service responded by effects creating a task force Weiss, R.N., to critique the American Medical Association's course material on the administration of medicine as used in its jail health program for possible application to the of the Committee on Legislation. It will be the serve the special needs for which it was created and is a monument to the foresight ilaç and sagacity of those gentlemen of the Society who initiated it.

Vs - use of a monoclonal Ilia receptor in high-risk coronary angioplasty.


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