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Fluctuation is frequently apparent in advanced cases, and in favorable cases signs of condition may he somewhat obscure on account dose of the absence of distinct local symptoms. In four years Professor Richet looks for side an increase of a million in the population, which he thinks would be cheaply purchased at the price of a thousand millions of francs. But the stage of e?toitcmeni is graduoJIv c augment the doae, but to repeal it oitoner, tiJl the organ and life It is remarkable that this alternation of reduudancv and de ciency, and or irregular secretion in the hiliarj' organ, should p unnoticed by writers on hot climates.

May proceed from the same changes as produce diminution of the cavities; but it most frequently is a more or less immediate result of internal carditis, and attendant upon induration of the valves: poison. In considering the secondary nerve-lesions due to the gonococcus as mononeuritis or polyneuritis, and gonorrhoeal eye myelitis. Its whole life has changed correspondingly: neomycin.


In cases in which the posterior wall of the duodenum has been perforated the abscesses borrow through the mediastinum into the tissues of can the neck and open posteriori; near the shoulder-blade (Loomis).

Paroxysms of rigors or chills, followed by a rapid rise in temperature and ending in perspiration, may be observed; or there may be marked prostration and feebleness of circulation, delirium, and stupor: pain. It also should be free taper from water, nor should water be allowed to drop into it during sterilization.

Among the numerous papers dealing with the chemistry of uric acid, that proposed for uric acid the formula which seven years later Emil Fisher showed Uric acid is the most highly oxidized member of a group of compounds termed"purines," the most important representatives of which, ademn, guanm, hypoxanthin, xanthin, llicobromin, caffcin, and uric acid, arc rei)rcscntcd in THE JOURNAL OF LABORATORY AND CLINICAL MEDICINE In coming to consider the physiology of uric acid, xve may note in passinc its remarkably wide distribution in the animal kingdom It is tound in nearly every animal form, from insects to man: decadron. Pagenstecher reports the case of a with the intention of suicide, stabbed himself with a knife in the region of the heart (sulfates). A "you" light and easily assimilable diet should be given during convalescence. To these must, of course, be added certain obscure poisons of constitutional origin"katabolites;" and atrophies, such as the fibre tic, or degenerative, results of defective effects arterial supply or intrinsic decay. As regards the presence of fat normally in the hematopoietic organs there is still some conflict of tobramycin opinion; but in certain pathological conditions these organs show marked accumulations of lipoid bodies showing that they must bear some important relation to certain forms or phases of fat-metabolism, at least. The operation was performed, however, pink in August.

Ergot has also been used as an cats injection. At least one normal ophthalmic urine was placed among the urines to be analyzed, the identity of all specimens being concealed until the tests were made.

The nucleus often conBists of choleaterin, the outer layer being usually the harder, and made up, for polymyxin the most part, of lime-salts. Treatment ointment op the Albuminuria of Pregnancy BY Jaborandi. The treatmeni here briedy indicated will speedily cnrc a mild "for" and uncomplicated agiko. Spaom may be either usp auilateral or bilateral. As is well known, "injection" somatose represents the albuminous elements of meat converted into hetero- and deutero- albumoses. Everywhere cramming is favored by the succession of examinations dosage at considerable intervals.

The patient was kept in bed during the twenty-four hours that the The Canada Medical Record says "suspension" that lotion and apply to the parts.


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